Blog Christine Schering – Edith Dekyndt at Galerie Martin van Zomeren

At Gallery Martin van Zomeren the work of Edith Dekyndt is shown. When entering the gallery you see a big black cloth hanging on the wall. On the right you see a video projection entitled Lingua ignota. It presents a mirror hanging on a wall. Besides, there are three framed works.

The video projection of the mirror is quite a mysterious and poetic work. In the mirror the image is changing, but the mirror seems to be hanging still. The changing of the image makes you wonder what is happening and what you will see next. Martin van Zomeren informs me a summer breeze is coming in from the open window that is slightly moving the mirror. Because of the camera angle you can see the image changing.

The three framed works seem similar. They are all painted white, but in the folds you sometimes see silver coming through. The work has a minimalistic quality and you can imagine someone folding the aluminium foil and throwing it somewhere. Than picking it up and unfolding it carefully. Martin van Zomeren tells me Edith Dekyndt folded the foil tightly around a wine glass and unfolded it very precise and carefully. Almost like an archaeologist. Next she painted them white. All along the titles of the work were implicating the story; Glass 1, Glass 2 and Glass 3.

For the exhibition All That Is Solid Melts Into Air Edith Dekyndt made the work A for Amsterdam. It is a big cloth hung on the wall and painted black. Dekyndt followed the folds when she painted it. The cloth is not opaque black, but has a velvet look over it. Edith Dekyndt was inspired by the piles of fabrics and carpets that always seem to be present in the paintings of Vermeer. The curtains and carpets in the paintings of Vermeer direct our gaze towards the scene and makes us feel as if we are there. By following the fabric, Dekyndt wanted to activate the work and question its ‘thingness’.