Nina Djekić

The Most of It

The Most of It is a solo exhibition by choreographer and artist, Nina Djekić. The presentation takes as a starting point the body’s relationship to artworks in exhibitionary settings. Evoking subtle cues from popular media, through the use of sculptural-installation, text and video, The Most of It delves into the many notions of the choreographic that oddly enough, could just as well be curatorial.

A friend once advised me to watch a film of which he particularly fondly recounted a specific scene in which Catherine Deneuve, wearing a beige trench coat, is in a museum meeting a stranger.

In this scene the equivocal power of perambulation was to be brilliantly choreographed. Footsteps on the marble floor, those of Catherine and the ones of the stranger, alternating pauses, acceleration and deceleration along rooms and corridors; eyes touching the curves of white heroes and goddesses, attentively avoiding the eyes of each other.

However, a while after I received an email from him saying: “I couldn’t find this moment again in that movie. It had never been in that movie. Our eyes know something we don’t.”

The exhibition is part of The Festival of Choices, organised by the Fine Arts department, Sandberg Instituut.

Nina Djekić (Slovenia) graduated with a bachelor in choreography from School for New Dance Development (SNDO) and is a graduating MFA student at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Mostly time-based, her work currently revolves around the notion of exhibitionary movements and explicit/implicit choreographies within an art space.

The Most of it |15/06/16 – 02/07/16
Opening: 15/06/16 18:00-21:00 hrs
Festival of Choices | 15/06/16 – 19/06/16

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Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands