Diego Tonus


07/04/18 – 05/05/18

Opening: 07/04 17-19h

Diego Tonus’ most recent body of work: Fragments of a Conversation with a Counterfeiter contributes to a discussion about transformation and transportation of value, both related to questioning the valorisation of time and space in time of crisis. The project implies a series of new works derived from the conversation with an actual forger (anonymous for practical reasons) Diego Tonus has encountered and that shared a series of controversial thoughts related to contemporary systems of the definition of values he has experienced within his activity. Each work is a manifestation of this discussion through the act of presenting objects, actions and words experienced by the forger within his practice of reproduction of value and ways of transporting it, hacking system of controls and dealing with the definition of individuality. All the works within this project are established in co-authorship with the forger (both in titles and concepts) and aims at working with the intellectual property of the counterfeiter trying to question the ‘counter’ of counterfeiting. The interventions are materialized respectively in different media, according to the nature of the discussion.

For the presentation at our Dolores space, Tonus will show The Added Value, an installation presenting a series of 6 stainless steel plates installed at the wall and camouflaged as Donald Judd’s artworks (with reference to Stacks 1964-1969), presenting on their metal surfaces the adapted reproductions of the typographical facsimile supposed to be used by the forger to replicate Euro bills and to transport currency in between different Countries, describing these objects as artworks.

Diego Tonus - The Added Value
07/04 - 05/05/2018
Opening: 07/04/2018

curated by Jeroen de Smalen

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