Anne-Lise Coste

La conquête de l’espace, la chute des feuilles, les neiges éternelles, l’avancée des déserts, la puce électronique.

27/05 – 08/07/2017

For her solo exhibition at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Anne-Lise Coste will show a selection from recent series of paintings, oil pastels and drawings.

In the fuck series, a collection of black and white spray paintings, Coste reduced her critical words into small canvases. By using extremely forward messages with no ambiguity – just a clear no! – is she literally reproducing the revolt parole as heard in current demonstrations around the world.

In contrast to the black and white paintings, Coste will show a series of oil pastels, The Blue Nude Women. Looking at a colourful box of oil pastels reminded Coste of a more joyful world, a beautiful world in which she is not “eaten by the ugliness of the people in position of big power and the nastiness of thoughts you can find everywhere in the world as soon as there is a human hierarchy established and a normality stated”.

A selection of Pussy Drawings will be on show as well. These drawings were made during the time Coste lived in New York and are part of her recent publication “Pussy Drawing Riot” (Nieves, Zurich, 2016). Her drawings and texts have the immediacy of graffiti, and allow her to express subjective moods mixed with political criticism and literary sentences. As stated by Coste: “This zine is an homage to my pussy, all my girlfriends’ pussies, all the pussies of this planet and art history.”

Anne-Lise Coste was born near Marseille, France, in 1973. She studied in Marseille and in Zurich, Switzerland, after which she was based in New York, and now lives in Orthoux (South of France). Recent exhibitions include: Helmhaus Zurich, CH (2017); Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam, NL (2013); Museo de Bellas Artes de Santander, Santander, ES (2013); Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle, Bonn, DE (2013); Fundacio Caixa Madrid, ES (2013); Esslinger Kunstverein, Esslingen, DE (2012) and had several exhibitions at: Halsey McKay, New York, US; Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam, NL; NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona, ES, Lullin Ferrari, Zurich, CH; Galerie Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart, DE. Current exhibitions: Helmhaus Zurich, CH (05/05-25/06/17); Kurhaus Kleve, DE (20/05-10/09/17)

Opening Sat. 27/05 17-19h