Daragh Reeves

Un Borghese Piccolo Piccolo

This film is an Italian comedy, but a dark one! In one scene a man behind a desk rubs endless dandruff from his scalp onto a sheet of paper while another man pleads to give his beloved son a job. It is beyond funny, it could even be dangerous to watch. But the film changes, suddenly, when the son is killed by the stray bullet of a terrorist. This Bullet switches off all the lightness and leads the man and his wife down a path of revenge, eventually to the torture and death of their son’s young killer. Duration: 117 min.

The above story is the material for a new work by artist Daragh Reeves (1974, UK). He re-presents the original film (Un Borghese Piccolo Piccolo of Marlo Monicelli, 1977) as an abstract vision of colour and pace. The voice of an Italian woman is heard over the telephone. The woman (played by the artist’s real life grandmother) attempts to translate the dialogue while she watches the film at home for the first time.


Free Exchange with Daragh Reeves: Wednesday 23/06/04, 20.00h

Exhibition: 28/05/04 – 03/07/04

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands