Discoteca Flaming Star

Dolores is proud to present a new installation by the Berlin based collective Discoteca Flaming Star. Founded by Cristina Gómez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer, they work as an interdisciplinary collaborative art group, which uses songs and other forms of oral expression, understanding them as a personal response to historical events and social and political facts. They reflect upon their work by combining and recomposing it, revitalizing existing work and distilling a fresh point of view.

The installation at Dolores derives from different inspirations; Black banner III (2009) which divides the Dolores can be seen as a spatial transformation and functions as a “think-textile”. The banner contains repeatedly the words “NoBoris” which are woven in the 12 meter long textile. The text refers to Boris Lurie, one of the founders of NO!art, which found its base in 1960 in New York. Being a social art rebellion movement, its members were revolting against the capitalist art market and art system in general, stating that NO!art ‘is socially relevant, personal expression, it is social art, it is protest art, it is political art, it is anti-art.’

This social engagement is reflected in Study for Agora (Test) (2011) and the video piece Agora (2012). The work refers to the ancient Greek “agora”; the market square used as an open gathering place for discussions. With the Agora Discoteca Flaming Star has evoked this space thinking of friends engaged in a conversation while walking together. Discoteca Flaming Star creates an intangible space where the artists and the audience are welcome to think differently, each distilling its own meaning.

Opening: 03/11/2012
Exhibition: 03/11/2012 – 31/12/2012
Curator for Dolores: Dorothé Orczyk

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS | Dolores
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands