Film Premiere Screening 001

Curated by Jan van Woensel

(The exhibition re-curated)
14/01/06 – 18/02/06

Look-alikes, A short movie by Kris Gevers (BE)

Stephan Balleux (BE)
Nicola Gobbetto (IT)
Ives Maes (BE)
L.A. Raeven (NL)
Thomas Vaile (USA)

FILM PREMIERE SCREENING 001 (The exhibition re-curated) presents new and re-installed works by Stephan Balleux, Nicola Gobbetto, Ives Maes, L.A. Raeven and Thomas Vaile, alongside the premiere screening of the short movie Look-alikes written and directed by independent filmmaker Kris Gevers.

All artists produced works in situ for the occasion of the project Thin Line: The exhibition, the movie!! that took place in Brussels during October of 2005.

Thin Line: The exhibition, the movie!! is the title for the second project in a series of traveling Thin Line-shows with venues in Italy, Belgium, S-Korea, Japan, China, USA and UK, initiated by Milovan Farronato. Per country, one guest-curator is responsible for the development and organization of a new Thin Line-exhibition by making a selection of art works of the previous exhibition and putting them on display together with new artists. Being appointed to design Thin Line II, independent curator Jan Van Woensel invited filmmaker Kris Gevers to produce a fiction film in which the Thin Line-exhibition forms the décor for several scenes. Thin Line: The exhibition, the movie!! aimed to elaborate on the fictionalization of the exhibition and provoked a comparison between curating exhibitions and directing movies highlighting their intrinsic cinematographic similarities. Hence, the filmmaker acted as a meta-curator within the exhibition-set; recreating and recomposing the exhibition in the movie. Look-alikes, itself a work of film-art that incorporates Thin Line II, provokes questions to the integration, détournement and inevitable alteration of meaning and perception of a work of art in featuring films.

FILM PREMIERE SCREENING 001 (The exhibition re-curated) is a sequel-project that re-installs a selection of the art works that were produced during the exhibition in Brussels in order to establish a tension between the real work in the gallery and the image of the work in the short movie Look-alikes.

American artist Thomas Vaile and the MA students of Film Studies of the University of Amsterdam have compiled a questionnaire about several topics that are relevant within the framework of this exhibition and its relation to fiction and film. Artists, curators, critics, filmmakers and so on can contribute to the exhibition by faxing their replies or remarks to the gallery in Amsterdam. These questions will be discussed and elaborated during a debate organized by the MA students of Film Studies and moderated by Sophie Berrebi on January 20th, 2006.

The graduate students of the film and art seminar from the University of Amsterdam invite you to

The Movie, the Exhibition

A round table discussionon the collision between Art and Film

Friday 20/01/06 Doors Open 8pm

Guest Speakers: Ellen de Bruijne, Kris Gevers, Saskia Janssen, Jan van Woensel. Moderator: Sophie Berrebi. Students: Gunnar Eggertsson, Marjolein Hazen, Dominique Henskens, Anna Lim, Owen Lyons, Vladka Meduzova, Abel Muñoz Hénonin, Marlijne Quentemeijer, Eline van Hagen, Sofia van Vliet.

This discussion takes place in the context of the exhibition curated by Jan van Woensel at Ellen de Bruijne Projects. It is the concluding project of the Film and Art graduate research seminar group supervised by Sophie Berrebi (UvA). This round table brings together practitioners and graduate students to discuss the intersection between art objects and gallery space with the cinematic medium. The discussion will be structured around various areas of interest that have arisen in the course of the seminar. These will be addressed in the following three ways: The issue of pictorial versus cinematic tradition (production), spaces and networks of exhibition and distribution (circulation) and differences and similarities of form in the image itself (interpretation).

Join us for this unique opportunity to examine and discuss these emerging issues and explore the new territory at the intersection of traditional concepts of the artwork and the cinematic medium.

We wish to thanks the guests for their generous contribution to our research and Ellen de Bruijne for the use of the gallery space.

Note: Seating is limited so please respond by email as soon as possible.

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