Gerard Kodde

<p><em>Untitled</em>, 2010 Canvas, acrylic, paper, laser prints 40×40 cm.</p>

Untitled, 2010 Canvas, acrylic, paper, laser prints 40×40 cm.

Summer Paintings II

Gerard Kodde (b. Veere, 1954), has been invited to present a body of work meticulously implemented over the last eight years, work created within his so-called “A4-antenna” project. On view is just a selection of the total work, but its ongoing formal rationale is obvious: every individual framed canvas has a size of 40 x 40 cm. This “endless” row of identical canvases, started eight years ago with no specific date of completion, is not a means to frame the viewer, nor to frame the artist himself. Kodde began this project to give expression to the idea that reality remains always the same in contrast to the dynamic of imagination. No matter how people try to arrange things into new constellations, or put things upside down (like turning a six into a nine for instance), this permanent “same-ness” remains manifest in our surroundings, our reality, and can only be counteracted in the area of the imagination – the same area where you can imagine that a six can be turned into a nine (before doing it). In the mind of Kodde anything is imaginable, but it does not necessarily coincide with the anything that is understood by the spectator. The opening to this area of anything leads to a blending of information: a blind conjugation of possibilities.These “endless possibilities” and “permanent same-ness”, are brought together by Kodde with unparalleled precision in the “A4-antenna” works.

<p><em>Untitled</em>, 2010 Canvas, acrylic 40×40 cm.</p>

Untitled, 2010 Canvas, acrylic 40×40 cm.

Gerard Kodde, lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin, and has had successful exhibitions at Galerie Van Gelder from 1987 on. He participated in group shows at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Het Kruithuis, ‘s-Hertogensbosch, Stadsgalerij Heerlen, De Zonnehof, Amersfoort en Lakenhal, Leiden o/a. From 2000, he has exhibited more frequently outside of Holland: Konsortium Düsseldorf, with Raid Projects Los Angeles/New York, with FLEISCH and Glue in Berlin, Gutleut 15 in Frankfurt a/M, with CLUBSproject in Melbourne and GKG Bonn. In this sense the Dolores presentation in Amsterdam is a follow-up and renewed confrontation with the work of Gerard Kodde.

Opening: 16 July 17:00 – 19:00 hrs.
Exhibition: 16 July – 20 Augustus
During this summer show, the gallery will have special opening times:
Thursday to Saturday 11:00 – 18:00 hrs

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