Jannie Regnerus / Rune Peitersen

Both Jannie Regnerus and Rune Peitersen put their deepest personal imagination out front. One more innocent girlish, the other heavily boyish, they both are putting the audience on a trip into their private worlds. Jannie Regnerus’ world generates her fascination for the natural phenomena. And within this naturalistic setting she is creating her private rituals, looking for the magical moment. Or like Midori Matsui said: “Regnerus tries to re-enact a magic in theatre, in which the inanimate assumes a life of its own. As she (Regnerus) remarks that in The Wizard of Oz, an apple tree throws apples at a lion, it becomes a living being who is able to stand up for its own rights, she is unwittingly revealing the effect of animism – that oldest system of human thought through which a person comprehends his or her organic relation with the phenomenal world – reanimated by theatrical acts”. Jannie Regnerus (1971) went to the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam and graduated in 1996, travelled to Spain, Italy, Japan and Mongolia, and had successful exhibitions at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (1999), Koyanagi gallery Tokyo (2001) and Gallery Anne de Villepoix Paris (2002). At Ellen de Bruijne Projects she will show 16mm films and photographs. Rune Peitersen’s world is a very personal interpretation of extraterrestrial phenomena in our daily environment. But unlike Regnerus, he compresses his world in the computer and plays around in this condensed area. He is modelling his world, putting everything to his hand, creating voluptuous scenes with distorted creatures, and inserting suspicious moments in apparently normal situations. Rune Peitersen (1971) graduated from the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen in 2001. It is his second presentation at Ellen de Bruijne Projects. He will show computer animations and digital photographs.

Exhibition: 01/06/02 – 29/06/02