Jenni Tischer

When Evelin or one of the others do not have anything to do, they join each other, one sitting, one standing. Four hands, two preoccupied and two resting on the lap. One pair of eyes follow the movements of the hands, the other pair follow the images that are evoked by this narration: One can find those “who have left homes that no longer hold onto anything“ in front of the tapestries in the museum. They glance at the weavings, whilest drawing “whatever“ – losing track of time and space. They somehow feel that all this is part of the past “…this kind of quiet life’s slowly moving gestures that did not quite reveal all their significance and they could vaguely recall thinking for a time that such would be their life.“1

1 R. M. Rilke, Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge, 1910. Free translation to English by the artist.

Jenni Tischer (Germany 1979) lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna where she graduated in 2010. Her work has recently been shown at Gallery Krobath in Berlin and she is currently working as an editor at Texte zur Kunst.

Opening: Saturday 10/09/2011, 17 – 19 hrs.
Exhibition: 10/9/2011 – 23/10/2011
Curators for Dolores: Karin Hasselberg with Falke Pisano

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS | Dolores
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands