Jeremiah Day

LA Homicide

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Jeremiah Day. This is the American artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, following the 2008 show The Fall of the Twelve Acres Museum. In Jeremiah Day’s work questions of site and historical memory are explored through fractured narratives, employing photography, speech, and improvisational movement. A hybrid form of realism, Day appropriates historical incidents to serve as allegories and examples that might shed insight upon broader philosophical and political questions.

Typically the vast majority of crimes go unreported by major media, and in Los Angeles only 5-10% of murders are described in print or television. As an experiment, in 2007 the Los Angeles Times began a web-log that would attempt to at least list each murder in the city. In his work Day takes up the sprawling anecdotes of the Homicide Report as a found novel, a text that serves as a point of departure, map, and epic poem of the city. LA Homicide is a work in two parts – photographs with hand-written text and an improvisational speaking/movement performance – two juxtaposed and interwoven methods of description, Day’s own “personal noir.”

Jeremiah Day graduated from the art department of the University of California at Los Angeles in 1997 and lived and worked in Los Angeles until moving to Holland in 2003 to attend the Rijksakademie. His work has been included in exhibitions as Manifesta 7 and Heartland, a collaboration between the University of Chicago’s Smart Museum and the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven. His ongoing collaborative work with Simone Forti will be presented in an exhibition and performance series this winter in Ludlow 38 in New York and in 2011 Day will present LA Homicide at the Los Angeles gallery, The Box.

Opening Saturday 04/09/2010 17.-19. hrs.
Opening performance Saturday 04/09/2010 17.30 hrs.
Closing performance 10/10/2010 14.hrs.

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