Jesper Nordahl

<p><em>The t.A.T.u. project</em>, 2009, video, 56 min.</p>

The t.A.T.u. project, 2009, video, 56 min.

The t.A.T.u. project

At Dolores, the Stockholm-based artist Jesper Nordahl (1969) exhibits his most recent video The t.A.T.u. project, which addresses the social and political significance of t.A.T.u., the most successful Russian pop duo of all time.

The video focuses on the singers Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, and their former international promoter Martin Martan. t.A.T.u. created controversy early on in their career by insistently portraying the image of being a lesbian couple. On their US tour in 2003 they visited the Jay Leno show on the American TV-station NBC. The singers wore t-shirts with the text “Fuck the war!” to protest against the war in Iraq, which at that time was just invaded by the US. In another Japanese TV-show the duo could be seen wearing t-shirts addressing the conflict on the islands between Russia and Japan.

Jesper Nordahl was born in Stockholm and graduated there in 2000 from The Royal University College of Fine Arts. His work has been shown internationally, including exhibitions at Shedhalle Zurich, Centre for Contemporary Images Genève, Moderna Museet Stockholm, INDEX Stockholm, Artists Space New York, Grazer Kunstverein Graz and Kunstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin. In 2006-07 he took part in The Whitney ISP in New York.

On the 9th of March at 8 pm there will be a conversation in the gallery between Jesper Nordahl and Sinziana Ravini (writer and curator based in Paris and Gothenburg).

Opening: Sat. 27/02/2010 17 - 19 hrs.
Exhibition period: 27/02/2010 - 03/04/2010
Curator for Dolores: Karin Hasselberg

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS | Dolores
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands