Jonas Ohlsson

My daydreams are dark then my nightmares

When one reads previously published articles and interviews with Jonas Ohlsson one realizes that writing a classical pressrelease for a show with Jonas Ohlsson is a difficult task.

Those old articles often speak about the fact that at the moment of the interview the artist doesn’t yet know what he will come up with for the show (while some of the interviews state that they take place as little as 3 days before the opening). Some other writers set-up their articles as interviews, tapping cleverly into the artistic process – something regarded as very important by Jonas Ohlsson.

When I invited Jonas for the first show of the new cultural season in Dolores I knew two things: I knew the space would be filled with beautiful, strange, funny, disgusting, sharp, DIY, found (trouvé), old and new objects, drawings, collages, photos and tapestries carefully assembled into a huge installation which almost reads as a comic.

I also knew that writing a pressrelease in which I would announce what exactly would be on display in Dolores was probably not an option.


Me and Jonas have been emailing a little back and forth to discuss the how and what of the show, but we’ve also discussed our dreams and the relation between psy-trance and ketchup. What follows are some quotes from those emails. Hopefully they form an assemlage just as beautiful, strange, funny, disgusting, sharp, DIY, found (trouvé), old and new as the show in Dolores will be…

From the talks and the thinking I decided…or realized when I woke up and sat at my table with all my stuff (art) around me this morning, that I have enough stuff.

Flowy at times, and GEGEN at other times.

Daniela said that when she draws a lot she dreams less, or at least remembers less.

I almost never remember my dreams.

You have this old dream theory that the brains needs to play with what you have been going thru during your days and that at night the brain is free from the shackles of body limitations and can just GO.

Interesting then when you make a lot of drawings (which is a form of day dreaming) that it maybe ‘helps out’ with the daily dream job of playing with all the info coming into you… lessening the heavy burden of dreaming at night for the brain. MAYBE!???

Which is nice I think because daydreaming has some link with choice=responsibility

People never have any problems talking about their dreams (or at least less so, because it is such a free of choice activity)

‘It was just a dream’

The reason I like to use the slur, or the dreamy is that I believe (like the surrealists and many other) that there is a funnier guy, wiser and more cool living within me (at least I hope that is the case….’gotta be something cooler in me then this within ALL THIS MASS’). That somebody is NOT the one speaking now…but sometimes I can manage to tease him out of me, and then he comes and then its a party….GREAT FUN and deepness and everything you might wish for.

I think this guy is living in the same town as people who are under hypnosis, or are using various automatic techniques. Maybe also people who are just drunk (but they probably don’t live in the same town, maybe the same state….)

Curator for Dolores: Joris Lindhout

Exhibition: 05/09/09 – 10/10/09

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS | Dolores
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands