Ksenia Galiaeva

View from the kitchen window

Ksenia Galiaeva (Pskov, 1976) is taking us back (again!), to gloomy afternoons, late night walks with friends, back to the parental kitchen and the intense synopsis of her life view from the kitchen window. Back to all her friends she had to leave, back to the well-known and familiar places, back to the small town of Pskov, somewhere in the middle of the Russian countryside, south of St. Petersburg. It seems that Galiaeva is not only leading us to personal places, but also leading us back in time. As Hilde de Bruijn describes her work in the Appel’s In the mean time catalogue it “gives the viewer the impression that what is being depicted has withdrawn itself from time”. And that “there also seems to be an accumulation of several periods from the past, both on a historical as well as on a personal level”. (…) “several pasts seem to come together in the shared presence of the photo.” In the gallery, Ksenia Galiaeva will present her latest work with photographs, a slide installation and photo-albums.

Exhibition: 24/01/04 – 28/02/04

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands