L.A. Raeven

Mindless Living

In the exhibition Mindless Living, artists L.A. Raeven will show their harsh side which can be compared to Wiener Aktionismus and their progressive side standing in the tradition of Postmodern Feminisim. In their work they question and critique the idealized images of women advocated by the mass-media. L.A. Raeven displays the downside of the norms and values shown by these images. They demonstrate, in a way close to self-harm, the often thin line existing between being ideal or distorted.

The exhibition Mindless Living presents two symbioses next to each other. In Mindless Living I the symbiosis in which L.A. Raeven has lived for years is shown by an installation consisting of a circular chair with a hypnotic film for adults.

With the new installation Mindless Living II L.A. Raeven wants to conclude their former symbiosis and start a new one: the symbiosis between mother and child. Normally, this symbiosis has a positive meaning, but in Mindless Living II it is carried on too far. In the installation the baby is reminded of his time in the womb. While lying in the womb cradle the baby will be brought into a minor trance, hearing a text which is undermining his confidence in order to stay into a symbiosis with his mother. The baby will be influenced in everything preventing him to find his own way. As a result the baby wants to stay in the save warm place of the womb. The drawings accompanying the womb cradle depict Liesbeth’s changing body during pregnancy. They refer to the baby’s time in the womb and the developing symbiotic relationship.

Mindless Living II shows the friction between letting go and protecting a child, in which a healthy balance needs to be found in order to mature into a happy and independent individual.

L.A. Raeven – Mindless Living
Opening: 25/04/14
Exhibition: 25/04/14 – 21/06/14

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands