Luuk Wilmering

I should’ve known

From 25 October Ellen de Bruijne Projects will have a double programming. Parallel to the regular program with artists of the gallery we are already more familiar with, DOLORES, the space behind the former glass wall, will host some new faces. Exhibition periods will alternate with work periods and artists talks. The Dolores program is curated by Falke Pisano

The current exhibitions in Ellen de Bruijne Projects and Dolores, scheduled to end November 29, are extended with one week, ending now December 6.

Luuk Wilmering (Haarlem, 1957) will show in his second solo show at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, his latest large scale (handcoloured) photographs, and his first complete slide installation. Over the years we could appreciate the work of Wilmering, by following his excellent eye for pathetic everyday moments, for the ironic self-portrait, and the poetic coincidences. Of course all of this is not forgotten. If you look at the new work of Luuk Wilmering, there is still this same vulnerable feeling, but the work has undeniably matured. After showing in de Paviljoens, Centraal Museum and o/a de Hallen, last summer Wilmering made a special Walk for Stroom in the centre of The Hague, which is still running (see copied article). Also his self-made / self published books of the last years will be on view in the gallery.

Free Exchange
Starting a series of artist talks Frank Koolen (1978, Dolores program) and the Icelandic artist Helgi Thorsson (1975, Galerie van Gelder) will present short videos and comment on them at Ellen de Bruijne Projects/Dolores on Wednesday 19/11/03 at 20.00h.

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS | Dolores curated by Falke Pisano | 25/10/03 - 06/11/03
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands