Melanie Ebenhoch

A Festival of Choices

Sandberg Instituut | Graduation Master of Fine Arts
Melanie Ebenhoch – You, you, you

As part of the Festival of Choices, Melanie Ebenhoch will present her graduation work at Ellen de Bruijne Projects. Architecture, theatre and psyche come together in her work, dealing with questions about the mutually productive and dependent relationship between them.

The works are inspired by the concept of ‘Kulinarische Aneignung’, which refers to the stance of the audience towards the events happening on stage. This concept also serves as a model for a person’s relation to the world; that anything can be consumed and reified as an aesthetic object.

The used materials border between an architectural and an organic state. The digitally printed pattern on the folded silk objects is created by pure chance, trapping air between two materials laid on top of each other. Both these patterns and the liquid shapes of the cast glass objects make visible the fluidity of bodily dimensions, even though they define the gallery space in a solidified state.

Melanie Ebenhoch (1985, Austria) is currently living and working in Amsterdam and Vienna. She studied at the University of Vienna, University of applied arts (Vienna, AT), HKU (Utrecht, NL) and Sandberg Instituut (Amsterdam, NL). Recent exhibition venues include MAUVE (Vienna, AT), PA/////KT (Amsterdam, NL), W129 (Amsterdam, NL), Kunstpodium T (Tilburg, NL), Academiegalerie (Utrecht, NL) and MAK (Vienna, AT).

Opening: 28/06/14
Exhibition: 28/06/14 – 02/08/14

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands