Michiel Kluiters

The work of Michiel Kluiters consists primarily in the field of conceptual photography. Large photographic images show architectural spaces where corridors, rooms or staircases seem familiar but which cannot be placed to a specific site or certain time. The photographed interior exists as a model or decor. Fictitious architectural facades that are constructed, step-by-step, around one predetermined camera-viewpoint, built only to function as a set for one photographic artwork.

The images make a reference to motion picture sets and stills. The architectural features, the camera viewpoint and the dramatic use of light, texture, colour and composition functioning to create a reality add to this notion. The image is frozen, isolated and cleared out. Separated from its original purpose, it seems that the contexts are erased. The quiet and undefined environment generates suspense; the feeling that behind every door, or around every corner, there awaits some possible threat. However, there is no possibility for a way out since there is never a view offered outside of the building/box. The effect on the architecture of a space in which the large pictures are installed is significant. They try to bend the existing space. The photographic works become an addition to the existing architectural structure, since they afford a new view. Reflection caused by a high gloss finish on the photographic works results in the viewer seeing himself projected, simultaneously, back in to the photographed space and in the actual space, creating a double take as the two spaces melt into each other. By using certain techniques to produce and present the photographs, Michiel Kluiters tries to intensify the shifting focus that occurs between back and front; between the surface, the space on the image and its direct surroundings. In his photo-installation – at his first solo-show at Ellen de Bruijne Projects – Michiel Kluiters will treat the audience to a dazzling new space-experience.

Exhibition: 12/01/02 – 28/02/02