Michiel Kluiters


Michiel Kluiters considers and proposes architectural constructions that are linked to the psychology of observing within the public sphere. He makes temporary site-specific interventions that change the way the visitor perceives the place.

Partition is a new sculptural installation that has developed from a public commission Kluiters is currently working on for a new prison in Zaandam. For this commission, the artist was asked to find an artistic solution to a practical problem—controlling viewpoints, lines of sight, within a series of inner courtyards. The prisoners cannot access these spaces, but their cell windows look onto them from all sides. Five objects partition the gallery space. Each object repeats the shape of a corner seen from different angles. Exaggeration of lines of perspective direct the eye towards a series of dead ends from which escape is impossible.

A second work, Study Model for Folded Architecture, is a model of an architectural space folded up. It is a re-arrangement of a corridor space in which vertical positions have been re-orientated, folding in on themselves, and taking on many new angles. In a ‘folded architecture’ paradigm, the spaces of the corridor become a frame for the proportions of the human body that both orientate it in our minds, and disorientate it. Imagining ourselves in this complex space would mean floors becoming walls, ceilings tilting, and strong disorientation of our body’s movement, rhythm, and experience. What would we see? Where would we be? In a folding world uncertainty becomes a new kind of space.

Editor: Janice McNab
Exhibition: 11/07/15 – 15/08/15

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands