Performance Programme

Performance programme including amongst others Momu & No Es, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Snejanka Mihaylova, Erkka Nissinen, Falke Pisano and L.A. Raeven.

Falke Pisano and Benoit Maire – The Wave

Falke Pisano and Benoît Maire begun collaborating in 2006. Concerned with the mechanics of film making, The Wave, a 16 mm film, (colour, 13.57 min, 2009) can be seen as part of an ongoing conversation between the artists – that considers the space between sculpture and the language of film. The Wave is constructed in three parts – the movement of a ‘wave’ alluding to three distinct voices, moving into and across each other, producing gaps and inconsistencies that disrupt language in a very open narrative.

The first chapter constructs and investigates a relationship between an object and a gaze, between an object and a subject. An object is described as round, but with edges, it is smooth and abstract. What happens to this object in relation to a subject, what is it without the gaze of a subject? Can we imagine an object without the subject? What is an object if it is not for me?

In the following scene we are on a sandy beach, it is windy and the sea is rough, big waves repeatedly and rhythmically make their way towards the shore. A branch has been stuck in the sand, crossed by another, creating an improvised assemblage that marks out a situation, producing a ‘place’. Within this context there is a table and a chair. On the table are a number of objects; different glasses, casts of hands in a variety of colors, a clock. A man and a woman interact with these things, as one moves them around the other observes – gently alluding to the instability of meaning. The scene is silent although the protagonists speak, as there is no sound, nor subtitles.

There is a clear shift again as the viewer is transposed to a park – from ‘nature’ to ‘culture’. The camera finds a public sculpture, a big concrete shaped shelter. People are sitting inside it. Like the assemblage of branches on the beach this sculpture – frames, communicates, sets up a location that directs people to behave in a certain way.

19/02/14 – 22/02/14

Snejanka Mihaylova Inner Stage Poster

Inner Stage poster //In collaboration with If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution

Presentation: February 14th, 6pm at Ellen de Bruijne Projects with a performance by Gertjan Franciscus Please note: audience capacity is limited to 50 people on a first-come first-served basis.

Friday February 14th at 6pm, If I Can’t Dance and Ellen de Bruijne Projects are delighted to present a performance by Gertjan Franciscus on the occasion of Snejanka Mihaylova’s Inner Stage poster display at the gallery located on Rozengracht 207A in Amsterdam. His performance will be preceded by an introduction by Mihaylova.

Gertjan Franciscus is the author of numerous performances in which he gives life to prophetic figures who are half divine and half animal, and inhabit the space of revelation traced from visionary texts conceived by him. The invitation to Gertjan Franciscus is linked to Mihaylova’s reflections on the potential economy of performance and the question of rethinking the boundaries of the religious.

Snejanka Mihaylova’s Inner Stage poster, created with Philip Baber and Jeff Weber, was launched two weeks ago at If I Can’t Dance’s Emma’s and is on display and for sale for EUR 30,- at gallery Ellen de Bruijne Projects from 28 January – 22 February as part of their Performance Exhibition programme. It can also be ordered through If I Can’t Dance’s website.

The poster presents the introductory chapter of Mihaylova’s forthcoming publication Inner Stage Poster in the form of a signature print of 100 copies. The development of her publication takes place over time and attempts to forge a closer bond between publishing and performance. As a piece of merchandise the poster assumes its own economy. Purchasing the poster allows further chapters of the book to be produced. The poster is on sale for EUR 30,-. The poster is made in response to If I Can’t Dance’s invitation to its commissioned artists to produce a piece of merchandise and consider the role of materiality and economy within performance practice. It is produced in collaboration with graphic designer Phil Baber and artist Jeff Weber.

28/01/2014 – 22/02/2014

Erkka Nissinen - Name me Me Man, red negative Evita Gender

A man takes an introspective look at his troubled past but he slides in too deep. A combination of narrative video piece and live performance. A series of non sensical, absurdist developments between characters all played by Erkka Nissinen. Some of these events happen live, in synchronization with a large video background projection.


Momu & No Es – Apocalyptic visions

Momu & No Es are bringing their latest Screening Performance Apocalyptic Visions; an adaptation of their performance “I’m sick of thinking that my dead friends have gone to the Canary Islands” for Ellen de Bruijne Projects.

Tourism, Exile, Limousine, Cultural Animator, Casino, Facebook, Dancing Controlers, Culture Club, Aqua gym, Pilgrimage and Zumba are some of the elements that form the backdrop of the performance Apocalyptic Visions.

Apocalyptic Visions proposes a scenario to manifest and materialize leisure, images and actions that we consume as entertainment and spectacle, through an uninhibited attitude to cultural beliefs. The performance contains of a series of video projections which will be interrupted by a surreal athletic training, resulting in a frenzied trance journey that will open the gates of the Aldi Chapel.

A profane sanctuary, the portal to access a bacchanal of society´s elements domesticated by entertainment. A doorway to paradise of the dead, remember the anthem. A virtual matrix dominated by passions are paralleled in the physical world, the Canary reduced to an overdose of the resort concept.

The performance is articulated by a complex set of strategies for the production of desire. Fed by promoting and selling systems which are approaching us from different sides and media, where the Internet stands as a place where virtual worlds are made real and overcode the experience.

“The ways are many, our body could hold them all using its congenital processes or using its obtained processes.”

Cast MC’s
Malou Kortleve
Jermaine Seymonson
Liz Allan
Susan van Hengstum
Dark Momu & No Es

22/01/2014 - 25/01/2014

Sarah van Lamsweerde – Tell Sell, a common story

Ellen de Bruijne Projects presents a new performance Tell / Sell, a common story by Sarah van Lamsweerde. This performance, especially created for a gallery context, will take the form of an auction, where instead of an art work, a story will be the subject of selling.

Just as writers or translators get paid by the word for a text, during this auction a story will be sold word by word. In this way, the work can have more than one owner and a personal story can become a collective one. Unsold words will affect the story told by the artist herself. After purchasing a word the new owners will receive a certificate of authenticity.

“My background as a dancer has led me to have a particular interest in the organization of time and space. (….) in my current work I try to frame this interest by treating the performance event as a meeting place: a plane where performers and spectators meet. I take this concept of meeting quite literally, and depending on the project create mediated spaces where spectators are introduced to eachother, to themselves, to objects or to thoughts.” – Sarah van Lamsweerde

In her work Sarah van Lamsweerde (Brussels, 1971) tries to extricate new sense from basic binaries such as language versus image, body versus memory or performer versus spectator. In 2008, she completed her Masters in artistic research and performance at Dasarts, Amsterdam. She is a founding member of Stichting Tre Tigri (with Norberto Llopis Segarra), an association that enables individual as well as collective projects in between art disciplines. Since 2011, she is an associate artist at Het Veem Theater in Amsterdam. Besides her own work, she participates in projects by other artists, such as Zhana Ivanova and Ivana Müller.

Exhibition: 28/01/2014 – 01/02/2014
Performance dates:
Thursday 30 January: 8pm
Friday 31 January: 8pm
Saturday 01 February: 4pm

Performance L.A. Raeven

L.A. Raeven RULES:

1.You are not allowed to drink or eat alone
2. You have to choose a partner
3. You can only take one glass or spoon per serving
4. You are not allowed to eat and drink more or less than your partner
5. You have to finish your glass completely and you are not allowed to leave any leftovers of food
6. You are not allowed to waste food
7. You have to come to an agreement with your partner what to eat and drink
8. You have to make sure that the volume of liquid you drink is exactly the same as the liquid of your partner, using a spoon to be precise
9. All food in liquid form such as soup etc. you have to finish making sure that your cups/spoons are completely empty and if you don’t agree or know who of you has left more in his cup, you have to feed each other.
10. You are not allowed to cheat

NOTE—Any person who willfully fails to obey these rules or attempts in any manner to evade or defeat our rules, shall be liable to a penalty of € 10,00 with each infringement of the L.A.Raeven rules.


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