Rune Peitersen

Saccadic Sightings: Ophelia

If I looked through another person’s eyes, would I see the same as that person?

If I could construct a device to record the view in front of me, a miniature camera I could wear without noticing, and if I could simultaneously track the movement of my eyes, then I would be able to calculate the direction of my gaze and project it onto my recorded scene-view. If I then meticulously constructed a video filter, according to the latest scientific research on how my eyes receive visual stimuli, and applied this to the scene-recording, then I would be able to see what my eyes had seen before my brain had interpreted the input. This way, I would see the world as it really is, pure and unobscured by neurological filters. And if I asked someone else to wear the device, I would be looking through their eyes. I would be seeing the world as they saw it, for a brief while we’d share the same visual reality, the same vision.

That is, if there would be anything to see at all…

This exhibition is the first installment of the ongoing art project Saccadic Sightings, by Rune Peitersen.

Saccadic Sightings is generously sponsored by The Arts&Genomics Centre, Leiden,, and Stephen Oliver Associates, London, The MobileEye used for the recordings was provided by Stephen Oliver Associates, London. For further information please visit

Exhibition: 23/05/09 – 13/06/09

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands