Erkka Nissinen at Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki

The Invisible Lady
Stina Krooks Stiftelse. Anniversary Exhibition

Four Finnish visual artists from the younger generation – Aurora Reinhard, Pilvi Takala, Erkka Nissinen and Hans Rosenström – have been invited to participate in The Invisible Lady exhibition, which is included in the Helsinki Festival 2013 programme. The exhibition deals with themes such as identity and role-play, and asks how do people blend into their environment without losing their contours. How do you become visibly invisible?

Erkka Nissinen is known for his hilarious videos that mix film and animation. In the exhibition the artist leads the spectator into an installation that combines moving images, light and painting. Nissinen plays a character, reminiscent of a Finnish man, who roams the streets of Hong Kong and enters inner psychedelic dreamscapes. Drive with Care by Pilvi Takala is a video work set in an American boarding school for the affluent. The work tells the story of a teacher at the school and her life in a closed community. In the video the artist applies her own brand of free sociology. Aurora Reinhard’s section is filled with objects and images connected to “femininity”. Her refined object-sculptures bear an uncanny likeness to real objects; handbags and high-heeled shoes with feet to boot; in these works Reinhard examines the clichés of femininity. Hans Rosenström’s Between Four Eyes is a sound-installation in which the sculptural and the multifaceted space form the framework for the textual part of the work. While moving inside the installation’s many compartments and listening to the voice-over the spectator is lead into situations that force him/her to ponder him/herself in relation to others in the space.

The Invisible Lady refers to a prominent yet largely unknown patron of the arts Stina Nicolaisen (née Krook, 1919–1987) whose foundation now celebrates its existence with an anniversary exhibition at the Amos Anderson Art Museum. Founded in 1977 the Stina Krooks Stiftelse (Foundation) has awarded prizes and grants to over three hundred visual and performing artists over a period of thirty-odd years. There is no application process; grants are merely awarded at the discretion of the Board based on recommendations by experts in the fields of visual art and the performing arts. The foundation has also published Den osynliga damen. Stina Krooks Stiftelse 1976–2013 (2013), a book by art historian Erik Kruskop that chronicles the various stages of the foundation and portrays the patron Stina Nicolaisen. The book will be released at the press preview.

To accompany the exhibition the museum has published a trilingual catalogue with presentations of the exhibiting artists and The Stina Krook Foundation. Designers Klaus Aalto and Jaakko Pesonen are responsible for the exhibition architecture as well as the graphic design of the catalogue.

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