Erkka Nissinen at Felix & Foam in Amsterdam

Felix & Foam is a three-weekly programme of recent films and video works, curated by gallery holder Juliette Jongma and Foam curator Claudia Küssel. It is a temporary initiative of Foam in collaboration with Frame and restaurant Foyer, in the imposing Felix Meritis building in Amsterdam.
Currently on view: Erkka Nissinen – Inner Materials (Tilaa massa tilassa massa litassa maalit: ali tila), 2013.
HD video, duration 15:29 min.

Finnish video artist Erkka Nissinen is known for his performative (video) work. In Inner Materials (Tilaa mass tilassa mass litassa maalit: ali tila) he fits various digital formats together to create a strange, absurdist storyline. He approaches the gloss capabilities of HD video and digital animation with a conscious do-it-yourself-approach, with which he allows a wide range of linguistic and cultural idioms to merge, such as soap-series, metaphysical philosophy and nursery rhymes. He has an unpredictable sense of humor that puts the prejudices of the viewer continually to the test and balances on the thin line between good and bad taste.

Inner Materials (Tilaa massa tilassa massa litassa maalit: ali tila) will be on view from July 10th until July 31st.

Felix & Foam
Keizersgracht 324
Opening hours: 11 AM – 7 PM