Falke Pisano at PRAXES Berlin

Following the inaugural Cycle of modular exhibitions, Papers, and Parlors around the work of Gerard Byrne and Jutta Koether, in the coming half year PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art will consecutively unfold the practices of Judith Hopf (Germany) and Falke Pisano (Netherlands/Germany). As of Spring 2014, two external curators are invited with each new Cycle to contribute to the process of collectively and critically addressing the featured artistic œuvres. For Cycle 2, curators Cecilia Canziani and Elena Tzotzi join PRAXES Directors Rhea Dall and Kristine Siegel in approaching the artistic work of Hopf and Pisano respectively.

Falke Pisano’s work—articulated in a range of formats such as sculpture, performance-lecture, text, and conversation—circulates and reformulates ideas, language, and forms. Her long-term investigations—Figures of Speech (2006–2010), exploring discursive potential of artworks, and The Body in Crisis (2011– ), tracking changing conditions of the human body in historical moments of crisis—are structured as series of sometimes subtle, sometimes confrontational transfers from one work to another, from one context to the next. Pisano’s Cycle at PRAXES takes the rehearsal as its starting point, testing how the various parts of a given work series come together, while carefully dismembering, rearranging, and recomposing their content and position. This seemingly cannibalistic approach, derived from Pisano’s own methods, manifests as a paced articulation in the research modules presented at PRAXES—two equally long periods of on-site investigations, entitled Rehearsal I & II, and an overarching stretch of simultaneously live and published semi-public/semi-private reflections, entitled Rehearsal III.

Pisano recently had solo exhibitions at The Showroom, London (2013) and De Vleeshal, Middelburg (2012). Her work was included in the Istanbul Biennial (2013), the Shanghai Biennale (2012), and the 53rd Biennale di Venezia (2009). In 2013, she received the Prix de Rome. Originally from the Netherlands, Pisano lives and works in Berlin.

Cecilia Canziani is Co-director of Nomas Foundation, Rome, where she has been invested since 2009 in an ongoing critical analysis, reshuffling, and questioning of emerging artistic practices. Moreover, Canziani is a co-curator of ZegnArt, a contributing editor of the magazine Cura, and a PhD researcher at the Doctoral School of History, Archeology, and Art History at the University of Naples. Canziani will collaborate curatorially in the Cycle of Judith Hopf.

Elena Tzotzi is the Co-director of Signal Center for Contemporary Art in Malmö, Sweden, a collaborative curatorial exhibition venue, committed to producing, presenting, and contextualizing art. Previously, Tzotzi worked at the Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art in Malmö and Lunds konsthall. She has curated numerous exhibitions as a freelance curator and contributes regularly to publications and magazines. Tzotzi will partake in curating the Cycle of Falke Pisano.

Falke Pisano
31 January – 2 March: Rehearsal I, Take One: Parts That Do Not Go Together
7 March – 6 April: Rehearsal I, Take Two: Parts That Do Not Go Together
11 April – 14 June: Rehearsal II: Heart Head Hold-up
31 January – 14 June: Rehearsal III: Threading Third and Fourth Person

PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art
Alexandrinenstraße 118-121
D-10969 Berlin