Festival of Choices: Laurent-David Garnier

17 June - 4 July 2015
Laurent-David Garnier - GOLDFISH ON DRONES

A Festival of Choices | Sandberg Instituut| Faduation Master of Fine Arts

As part of the Festival of Choices, Laurent-David Garnier, will present his graduation work GOLDFISH ON DRONES at Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS.

Immaterial as it might be at the level of our sense, any molecule is ultimately material. Garnier, who calls himself a patalchemist, is interested in Olfactive Objects.

In the project space Garnier persents an anechoic sell chamber. This exhibition unites different works specifically created, where the olfactive possibilities and hyperspatial territories are inaccessible to our senses, but might be made accessible to the imagination.

Garnier is an artist based in Netherlands and France. He previously worked as a senior perfumer for the most famous international perfme brands of the fragrance industry. Part of hispractice revolves arond Olfactive Objects and the idea that underpin the way we understand and experience them.