Group Show with Anne-Lise Coste at CMA New York

Drawn to Language September 18th – January 11th

In Drawn to Language, words are given visual form. Letters, words, or phrases are transcribed, visualized, verbalized, symbolized, morphed into patterns, scrambled, or even erased. While the works in the exhibition vary conceptually – from amusing to political to philosophical – each work is defined by its use of words to create an image, a deeper meaning, or both.

Visual artists have long been interested in the intersection between art and language. From ancient calligraphy to illuminated manuscripts, some of our oldest surviving texts are an amalgamation of these two forms of communication. Visual artists can be “drawn to language” in a variety of ways. Whether used for additional emphasis, to define pure meaning, to further a narrative, or simply to make a joke, language is an increasingly important element in visual art. The artists in this exhibition use new materials, processes and techniques to entice the viewer to examine language in new ways.

Featured artists are Adam Ames, Erik Den Breelen, Anne-Lise Coste, Jenny Holzer, Samuel Jablon, Jack Pierson, Michael Scoggins, Gary Simmons, Leah Singer and Hank Willis Thomas