Lara Almarcegui in group exhibition at Galerie im Taxispalais

6. December 2014 – 15. February 2015
with Lara Almarcegui, Michael Beutler, Karla Black, Berta Fischer, Theaster Gates, Ane Mette Hol, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, David Jablonowski, Markus Karstieß, Alicja Kwade, Marie Lund, Oscar Tuazon

What material does an artist select, and for what reasons? The international group exhibition Living in the Material World examines the role of materials in contemporary art. The aspect of materiality has again come to represent a key concept for a young generation of artists today.

In the 1960s the definition of art was expanded radically due to the questioning and re-evaluation of various materials. However, the possibilities of digital technology led to a reduction in the importance of concrete materials at the end of the 20th century. In contemporary art the aspect of materiality is being addressed once more against the background of current social and cultural developments, and is even being elaborated further, and transformed. The twelve artists invited to participate in the exhibition focus on the characteristics and narrative potential of such diverse materials as concrete, wood, ceramics, glass, plastic or paper. They take up artisanal traditions and industrial production methods, are occupied with recycling and do-it-yourself, devote themselves to material analysis and the reconstruction of specific places and objects, or develop fragile architectonic constructions.
In cooperation with the Kunstmuseen Krefeld / Museen Haus Lange und Haus Esters.