Lara Almarcegui nominated for Dolf Henkes prize 2010

The Rotterdam-based artists Aji V.N., Lara Almarcegui, Otto Egberts, and Jasper Niens have been nominated for the Dolf Henkes Award 2010. The four nominees have been selected by an expert jury. The shortlisted artists will present their work in a show held in TENT from 17 December to 13 February. The Dolf Henkes Award is one of the larger prizes for visual art in the Netherlands, and has been awarded every two years to a prominent Rotterdam artist since 2004. This year for the first time the awarding of the prize is accompanied by an exhibition of the nominees. TENT shows the work of four artists who fit the profile, as outlined by the man from whom the award derives its name, artist Dolf Henkes: resolute and exemplary for the quality of the artistic climate in Rotterdam. The winner of the Dolf Henkes Award 2010 will be announced on Thursday evening 10 February 2011.

The jury consists of Wim van Krimpen (chairman), Melvin Moti (artist, winner of the Dolf Henkes Award 2008), Saskia van Kampen (City Curator for Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen) and Arno van Roosmalen (director at Stroom Den Haag).

About the nominees:
Aji V.N. (Kerala, India, 1968)
Aji V.N.’s monumental drawings are full of atmosphere, soberly composed of soft colours. He develops his handwriting in water colour and charcoal on coloured paper. His themes range from human figures to woods, deserts, seas and air. Some drawings display a strong chiaroscuro, others focus on lines and contours. Travelling between India and Rotterdam, V.N.’s drawings are bound to neither place nor culture.

Lara Almarcegui (Zaragoza, Spain, 1972)
At the centre of Lara Almarcegui’s work is her fascination with spaces that escape the design of architects and urban planners, like wastelands, demolition areas and allotment gardens. She often produces guides to the wasteland she wants to show, with texts and photographs telling the story of the location. A collection of unplanned space across the globe has emerged that way, with guides and slide shows of places like Sao Paulo, Dubai, Amsterdam and London.

Otto Egberts (Vlaardingen, the Netherlands, 1949)
Otto Egbert’s slightly surreal drawings, paintings and installations give shape to continuous and progressive doubts about human existence. Over 25 years, a consistent body of work has emerged in which the human condition and man’s relationship with his surroundings take centre stage. To Egberts, the meaning of space in a social as well as an existential sense is not only a personal, but a philo-sophical question.

Jasper Niens (Zwolle, the Netherlands, 1980)
Since his graduation from AKI in Enschede in 2003, Jasper Niens has been making ‘architectonic installations’. He builds constructions in public spaces but also works in institutional contexts. Installa-tions with numerous doors, blocks barricading the way: these may be acceptable constructions in an exhibition, but does the same go for our over-regulated public space? Niens’ work keeps returning to the direct confrontation with the viewer and challenges unspoken conventions regarding the use of public and semi-public space.

The show will be on view until 13 February 2011.