Lara Almarcegui wins Dolf Henkes Prize 2010

Chairman of the jury Wim van Krimpen announced the winner of the Dolf Henkes Award 2010 in a crowded room in TENT Rotterdam. He awarded the prize, consisting of 20,000 euros, to Lara Almarcegui.

About Lara Almarcegui
Lara Almarcegui has been building up a consistent body of work over the past years, revolving around her fascination for spaces that escape the design of architects and urban planners. She presents the results of her study of waste terrain, demolition areas and building sites by means of installations, guides, maps and photographs that tell the story of the location. A solo exhibition of Almarcegui’s work will take place in TENT from 6 May to 26 June 2011. This will be Almarcegui’s first large solo exhibition in The Netherlands.

From the jury’s report
“Lara Almarcegui stands out with a seemingly improbable combination of social commitment and conceptual methods. Almarcegui is embedded in an impressive art- historical tradition, but is starting to gain a position that is unmistakably her own. With her plans and completed works she evokes strong reactions from her clients and the public. She pushes back frontiers and wants to get to the bottom of things, both literally and figuratively. The jury calls her ‘a woman with balls’.”

About the Dolf Henkes Award
The Dolf Henkes Award is one of the major Dutch awards for fine art. It has been awarded to leading Rotterdam artists biennially since 2004. The four nominees were selected by an expert jury. For the first time this year, the award ceremony was combined with an exhibition. There has been extensive speculation on the jury’s decision and the winner of the award on several websites for the past few months. The jury of the Dolf Henkes Award 2010 consists of Wim van Krimpen, Rob Birza, Saskia van Kampen, Melvin Moti, and Arno Van Roosmalen.