Pauline Boudry at The Yvonne Rainer Project symposium

Palais de Tokyo, 12 December 13:00-20:00
(free upon presentation of an entrance ticket to the museum)

Symposium organized by: Barbara Formis, Julie Perrin and Chantal Pontbriand.
With: Emmanuel Alloa, Pauline Boudry, Yael Davids, Vanessa Desclaux, Myrto Katsiki, Isabelle Launay, Julie Pellegrin, Denis Pernet, Catherine Queloz, Liliane Schneiter, Noé Soulier, David Zerbib.

Presented in the context of The Yvonne Rainer Project curated by Chantal Pontbriand, NEXUS RAINER is an international symposium organized by Barbara Formis (philosophy of art, Université Paris I, Panthéon Sorbonne, UMR ACTE 8218, and co-director of the Laboratoire du Geste), Julie Perrin (dance researcher, université Paris 8), and Chantal Pontbriand.

This international symposium brings together researchers in art and dance, curators and artists, in order to look into different aspects of the work of Yvonne Rainer. What is the resonance of her work today in the research being done in contemporary art (choreography, visual arts or film)? The speakers will examine her work as choreographer, filmmaker, theoretician (be it her writings on choreography, on film or on gender issues) or as a writer (as she is the author of an autobiography and of a book of poems).

NEXUS RAINER is the occasion to make links between the multiple dimensions of her work and try to unfold the complexities of the work and its intricacies in relation to today’s thinking about art.
(Note most interventions will be in French)

1:00 PM
Introduction by Chantal Pontbriand : Rainer and the Idea of Community

Introduction by Julie Perrin : Writing and Montage in Work 1961-73

2:00 PM
Catherine Queloz with Pauline Boudry, Denis Pernet and Liliane Schneiter : 1993. Rainer at the seminar. Staging the text, performing the language: the methodolgy of the artist as researcher.

3:00 PM
Noé Soulier : Actions for the purpose of actions. The paradox of tasks.
Isabelle Launay : Humor from/in/by history


4:30 PM 2e session : “THE MIND IS A MUSCLE”
Introduction par Barbara Formis : The Mind is a muscle

5:00 PM
David Zerbib : Yvonne Rainer, from the act of language to the language of the act
Myrto Katsiki : Activations of the”neutral » in Trio A

6:00 PM
Yael Davids, Vanessa Desclaux, Julie Pellegrin et Chantal Pontbriand : The Reception of Yvonne Rainer in the visual arts as it relates to the question of”Other »

7:00 PM
Emmanuel Alloa : The Lies of Performance. On Mediated Liveness

7:30 PM Closing Discussion

8:00 PM END

Symposium organized by
Pontbriand W.O.R.K.S. [We_Others and Myself_Research_Knowledge_Systems] with the support of Laboratoire d’analyse des discours et pratiques en danse – Université Paris8, Le Laboratoire du Geste ( Université Paris1) and Palais de Tokyo.