Rune Peitersen at NEST 17/04/11 – 29/05/11

False Focus_

Opening, saturday April 16 2011, 16.00 hours

Exhibition, April 17 – May 29
Gwenneth Boelens
Beate Gutschow
Marc Philip van Kempen
Michiel Kluiters
Erik Olofsen
Rune Peitersen
Bradley Pitts
Roland Schimmel
Melanie Wiora

False Focus is based on the idea that our senses and they way they are translated by the brain into an image of reality does not provide us with a reliable idea of reality.
For The artists of False Focus the senses and its translations are reason to provide us with alternative realities, manifested in video’s, photo’s, paintings and installations.

Artist talk, May 26 2011, 20.00 hours
Saskia Monshouwer, Rune Peitersen and Bradley Pitts speak about their work and the exhibition.