Solo exhibition Dora Garcia at Darling Foundry Montreal


Since 2009, Dora García has been carrying out the Mad Marginal project, major stages of which were shown at the recent Documenta XII in Kassel and at the 54th Venice Biennale in 2012, where the artist was featured at the Spanish Pavilion. Her work examines the wellsprings of artistic experience, altering the traditional relationships between artist, work, and viewer, as well as those of the individual, whose daily behaviour she questions through performance, film, and discussion.

The exhibition “Of Crimes and Dreams” unfolds on the backdrop of a series of group conversations in the spring of 2013 at the Montperrin psychiatric hospital in Aix-en-Provence, where Dora García had people read James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake and Félix Guattari’s 65 rêves de Franz Kafka, as a pretext for talking about what is real and unreal before the camera. The film Désordre (2013), an offshoot of this project, will be shown, along with Hôtel Wolfers (2007) and The Joycean Society (2013), the previous films it echoes. This closes the circle traced since Hôtel Wolfers in which Beckett, Kafka, Joyce, Walser wander as in a dream, in their capacity as models of the “minor literature” theorized by Deleuze. J. Lacan Wallpaper (2013) covers one of the walls to mark the blindspots of inner space, as Lacan’s hieroglyphs for the unconscious bloom like discreet flowers on its partitions. The gallery’s windows are likewise covered with signs referring to ideas connected to everything that goes on in this peculiar universe (Mad Marginal Charts, 2014). Thus, crimes and dreams go side by side and haunt us from all sides, revealing the complexity and richness of the imagination.

In collaboration with ACCIÓN CULTURAL ESPAÑOLA, AC/E