Solo show Lara Almarcegui at CA2M Madrid

Lara Almarcegui. madrid Underneath
OPENING: 27 jun 2012
jun 28 – oct 28. 2012
CURATOR: manuel segade

Lara Almarcegui initiated in 1995 a series of works on the peripheral contexts of built areas, places of transition between the urban design and the natural order that preceded it. From a field investigation process, she has developed methodological tools to understand the different meaning of inhabiting and has also design ways of presentations which by ways of guides, maps, and pamphlets and by other common uses from the documentation and pedagogy fields, allow making public and reportable the information obtained. Hence, the notions of artwork and of viewer are transformed into project and also part of it, insisting in the reality and in the timing of the objects under study and in the integration of the audience beyond the conventions of the venues of representation.
The exhibition will also display some of her previous works which will retrospectively contextualize her work, together with an specific project created especifically for this exhibition. This project consist on the publication of a book which will introduce what is beneath Madrid´s ground: there exist kind of a reverse or a negative of the metropolis in its underground, which supports and is beneath the city. From old mines to military bunkers, from safe and secure cupboards to underground warehouses, from the underground rivers to garages, Madrid bears a parallel layer under itself which also conforms it, with its historical, archaeological, utilities, transportation, energy circulation, water pipes, and communication pipes layers, which hardly ever are reveal to the pedestrians.

Lara Almarcegui (Zaragoza, 1972) is a Spanish artist with a wide international presence. Living in Rotterdam since 1990, her projects are developed within the context of the contemporary cities and their development conditions. Her guides of modern ruins from Holland or Bourgogne, from urban wasteland in London or Sao Paulo, her works with mountain of debris in Vienne or Dijon, or about the weight of the city of San Paulo, have led her to participate in major international contemporary events in the last decade.

A catalogue of the exihibition will be published.

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