Zhana Ivanova at Kunsthalle Basel

Ongoing Retrospective (Chapter 2)

22/01/2016 – 04/02/2016

Exhibition text

This is the second chapter of an ongoing project that reverses the typical nature of the retrospective exhibition: not only is the Bulgarian performance artist Zhana Ivanova (b. 1977) at the beginning of her career, but, for her exhibition, we are looking forward instead of backward. Exhibitions will be staged chapter by chapter, for years to come, creating a retrospective that takes form over time. In this chapter we restage Ivanova’s very first performance piece, Borrowed Splendour, from 2007, which reveals the foundations of the artist’s use of simple props and instructional scripts to expose mundane but often invisible codes of human behavior. This and future chapters are realized with the kind support of Fiorucci Art Trust. This chapter is generously supported by the Ernst und Olga Gubler-Hablützel Stiftung.

The performances are open to the public. However, if you or any of your friends want to take part of the piece, get in touch with our lovely intern Gisela (assistant@kunsthallebasel.ch) who will sign you up for one of the performances taking place over the upcoming days. The piece lasts only 20 minutes and requires no special skills. Following Zhana Ivanova’s script, you will be instructed in German to perform simple tasks on stage, it’s fun and easy! We need one woman and two men for each staging of the performance. The following times are available:

21/01/2016, Thursday, Opening 7.30-8 pm 8.30-9 pm (in English) 9.30-10 pm

22/01/2016, Friday, Basel Museums Night 7-7.30 pm 9-9.30 pm 10-10.30 pm 11-11.30 pm

24/01/2016 & 31/01/2016, Sundays 3.45-4.15 pm

28/01/2016 & 04/02/2016, Thursdays 7-7.30 pm

In the Kunsthalle Basel library you will find an associative selection of publications related to Zhana Ivanova and her artistic practice.