Amsterdam Art Weekend | Falke Pisano | Riet Wijnen | 26 - 29 November 2015

Falke Pisano – The value in mathematics

Falke Pisano at Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS
Opening times during Amsterdam Art Weekend:
Friday 27 November / 13 - 20 hrs
Saturday 28 November / 12 - 20 hrs
Sunday 29 November / 12 - 18 hrs

Performance 'Conversation One: A Preface’ by Riet Wijnen

Performance 'Conversation One: A Preface’ by Riet Wijnen, read by Will Holder

Will Holder will read, or sing, ‘Conversation One: A Preface’ by Riet Wijnen. In this conversation various artists from the 30s, who all were a member of the association Abstraction Création and worked non-figuratively, try to formulate what the latter is or what it isn’t. ‘Conversation One: A Preface’ is the second part of a new cycle of work, entitled ‘Sixteen Conversations on Abstraction’.

The performance will take place on Saturday 28 November at 5pm at Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS.