Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS at FIAC Paris 18 – 21 October 2012

Grand Palais, Booth 1H02
gerlach en koop (also in the Tuileries garden)
Erkka Nissinen (also in Cinéphémère in the Tuileries garden)
Falke Pisano

gerlach en koop
No two things can be the same[Deux mêmes choses ne peuvent être pareilles] is the title of a sculpture for the public space of the Jardin des Tuileries during the FIAC 2012. One ordinary rubbish bin from the parc is 'mise au rebut' in the other. A title card next to it mentions only one bin, identifying the other one as just a base, a plinth to support the first. It means that one is art, while the other is still part of the city’s public furniture, that is to say: part of life.

No two things can be the same is also the title of double sided A0 poster, an edition specially made for the fair. No two things can be the same is also the title of FAN Nº12 published for the occasion by BAT editions, with a text by Maaike Lauwaert. This issue in an edition of 100 copies will be available at the booth of Ellen de Bruijne Projects at the FIAC and will be send to a receiver of choice for the price of a stamp. All from the same gesture that is thus exhausted to the point of.

Erkka Nissinen
Ellen de Bruijne Projects presents three videos, Polis X, Rigid Regime and Vantaa, by Erkka Nissinen. These works are offering a take on the complex relationships between human existence, obsession and the absurdity of modern life. With a filming technique which combines crude animation with actual space and constructed set-ups, all inhabited by actors, the videos underline the importance of humour and parody in the construction of reality. Continuously Nissinen gives the absurd and grotesque a pivotal role in his play with reality.

The video Polis is also shown in the Cinéphémère in the Tuileries garden on Wednesday 17 October, 6pm, Friday 19 October 3pm and Sunday 21 October, 4pm. Polis is also part of a small selection of videos specially chosen by Jennifer Flay, Director of Fiac, to be screened in Silencio club, a club entirely conceived and designed by David Lynch.

Falke Pisano
Falke Pisano is exhibiting her series of propositions and inquiries dealing with "the Body in Crisis". With the intention to articulate the body in a state of crisis as an on-going event and to question the role that representation can play in this attempt that takes place in both the context and the representational space of contemporary visual arts. Pisano focuses on historical representations of the human body in moments of crisis, mainly through collected caricatures, maquettes and graphics. Falke Pisano: "It's about the definition of the subject, the perception of the body (and the division of the body and mind), the forces that work on the body and what happens when these conditions change. It concerns what happens within the body, considering the body as a site of de- and reterritorialization. And also as the site where the conditions of life are actualized."