A.P. Komen & Karen Murphy

What’s another year? (Waiting for Mika)

The work of A.P. Komen / Karen Murphy (NL/IRL), plays with the clichés of truth and credibility. It appears to originate from very personal experience, thereby creating an atmosphere of confidentiality with the viewer. Being confronted with strongly autobiographical elements raises a sense of discomfort and voyeuristic shame. Komen and Murphy work with video, video installation and photographic novels with sound. The work often derives from, and alludes to, the narrative structures employed in film and documentaries.

The new work of Komen and Murphy again address the experience of being confronted with personal information. In this instance a calendar containing private notations creates a sense of unease. Viewing the pages of the calendar instantly triggers the capacity of the human brain to reconstruct and interpret. Out of the fragmentary scribbled appointments, names, reminders, signs and crossed out notations a character appears. Is it a real person or a construction? Through the accompanying stills taken from a computer racing game, depicting typical northern landscapes, the viewer enters into the character’s thoughts. Somebody called Albertus competes in this game against another character called Mika, or is he in confrontation with himself? The strange structure of the communication, the anonymity of the second figure combined with the competitive game, in a seemingly innocent landscape, challenges the viewer to a psychological site-seeing tour through the mind of an unknown person.

Exhibition: 17/06/00 – 15/07/00