Ana Roldán


We have seen how all primitive arts are based on seven primitive motifs. Thoroughly studying the seven motifs, we find that they are seven types derived from an archetype: the ideal archetype spiral, which develops in all dimensions. The seven motifs are the more characteristic aspects or types of the ideal archetype spiral in a conventional flat representation considering only one plane of their development. That is why lines never cross in this system nor interfere with each other; because that could only occur in the case of two planes in which lines could go one behind the other.

Adolfo Best Maugard, Manual of Drawing: Tradition, Renaissance and Evolution of Mexican Art, 1923, page 151.

The central piece in Ana Roldán’s show at Dolores is a sculpture derived from the Butaca chair designed by Mexican architect Luis Barragán in 1945. The sculpture is accompanied by an unlimited series of gold-plated coconuts and drawings made after Maugard’s manual from 1923. Arranged in sentence-like structures the objects speak of relations between the local and the universal, the object itself and the stories which the objects create.

Ana Roldán (Mexico 1977) currently lives and works in Zurich. She graduated from the Hochschule der Künsten Bern in 2003. Recent solo exhibitions include “Words to be Looked at, Objects to be Read” at Kunsthalle Arbon, “Observations on Modernity and Form” at KUNST Zurich and “As the Myth of the Hole” at annex14 in Bern.

Opening of the show at EdB/Dolores: Sat. 16/10/201 17 – 19 hrs.
Exhibition period: 16/10/2010 – 20/11/2010
Curator for Dolores: Karin Hasselberg

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The Netherlands