Paul Ramirez Jonas / Rune Peitersen

The American artist Paul Ramírez Jonas (1965) was presented before in Holland at the Panorama 2000 exhibition in Utrecht. Earlier this year he did several projects in collaboration with Janine Antoni in Sweden. Amongst others he was invited by Daniel Birnbaum for IASPIS, an exhibition that recently developed in a presentation in Büro Friedrich in Berlin. Paul Ramírez Jonas, who starts working from his special interest in – the history of – science and technology, has created for Ellen de Bruijne Projects three works: An installation which can stand the comparison with a coo coo clock, and series of photographs dealing with our solar system, with time and mortality represented by fruit. Furthermore he will execute a performance during the opening of the show.

The Danish artist Rune Peitersen (1971), graduated at the Royal Academy in The Hague, and is now studying at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen. His initial preference for painting, culminated lately in a more experimental way of working, without belying his nature. At Ellen de Bruijne Projects he will show work on canvas as well as on/with plastic, alongside his new photographical work.

Exhibition: 04/11/00 – 02/12/00