Rune Peitersen

The Danish born Rune Peitersen has been experimenting with amorphous flesh-coloured shapes since he was at the academy in The Hague. On early paintings he let reddish paint stream over the canvas as slowly coagulating blood. Later he created three-dimensional works with the aid of quick foam, a dirty material that continues to slowly grow for hours, after being applied. Eventually he started manipulating images of body parts using a computer, but he never forgot the conventional paintbrush. It stayed always on his mind.

In his works this results in images of weird lumps of flesh. Horrific chunks of flesh, which reminds one of abortions or primitive life forms from a distant planet. In his solo-show at Ellen de Bruijne Projects Peitersen is bringing together all his pumping organs in rhythmic loops on dvd, and his latest photographs of gloomy and romantic moments. ”I have always been fascinated by the Romantic notion of art as an expression of repressed emotions which occasionally burst through the veneer of morals and rationality”, says Peitersen. ” It is as if the depiction hereof in artworks function as a catalyst which help release these emotions and sensations in the viewers own mind. In my subject matter this has resulted in a search for moments in life in which these veiled notions breaking through the surface of everyday consensus, for instance in the act of making love, or having sex. I try to capture and contain these moments in my work, from the idea that these desires and the experiences that accompany them represent the purest expressions of human reality.” In Shower004 (2004) for instance, it is this moment, which is depicted and repeated infinitely for the viewer: a melting of two figures whose actions have been reduced to an endless perpetual movement, or ‘movement-image’.

Exhibition: 15/01/05 – 19/02/05

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands