Steve Van den Bosch


Being fascinated by dialing the wrong number, standing in an elevator, a misprint in a catalogue-caption or the mechanics of a joke, it’s the blank or breach that is laid bare by such mundane events that constitute the focus of Steve Van den Bosch’s work. Although the rather minimal means by which he articulates his ideas could be read more as an exercise in compulsive boredom or catatonia than a tribute to minimalism, these are calculated decoys used to open up the problematic space of the blank mentioned above.

Not confined to any medium, he uses whatever is most efficiënt for a certain concept or attempts to conceptualize its inefficiency.

‘At the end of last year I began recording white walls during visits to known galleries in New York -Marian Goodman, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Baumgartner, etc. After I realized this wasn’t allowed I had to act like a regular spectator to be able to make the recordings, which made the whole idea more interesting. Because there wasn’t just the shift from context to exhibit and the other way around, created by the gallery itself, but it also forced me to engage in several performances which were -necessarily- unnoticed by the audience, in this case the venues’ staff. Of main importance to me though is that, through basically generating itself the way it did, the work has a questionnable existence. It’s neither a performance nor a carefully constructed video, maybe it’s a residue of something that wasn’t really there in the first place.’

Exhibition: 08/09/07 – 13/10/07

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS | Dolores
Rozengracht 207A
1016 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands