Ellen de Bruijne Projects | FIAC 2017

Grand Palais | Booth 1.H04

The current shift in political colours towards a new form of populism causes democratic agitation all across Europe and beyond. It is not only within art, but also trough art practices that we are still able to take a stand and act in the safe ‘realm of the Arts’. For FIAC 2017 we are pleased to present the following artist at our booth at the Grand Palais, the on-site presentation at Petite Palais, the performance program in Palais de la découverte, and the films in Cinephemere, that take a stand:


Pauline Curnier Jardin with her female, and sometimes gender confusing, sexuality in her work, does not take a taboo for granted. The presentation at fiac by Curnier Jardin are works directly related to her installation "Grotta Profunda Approfondita" from this year's Venice Biennale. Jeremiah Day with his performances based on the tradition of Simone Forti’s dance theory, getting political deliberations in the open, through personal reflections on issues considered beyond the unspeakable. Especially for fiac 2017 Day made a new series of performance drawings directly related to the performance he will do within the Performance Program. Klaas Kloosterboer with his escapes from the traditional parameters within the arts, creates literally a concrete freedom in his work, by challenging the authority of fixed patterns. At our booth, Kloosterboer will make an on site wall installation that will be accompanied by a sculpture and a recent painting. Falke Pisano comments on western dominance through critical reading of the seemingly fixed value in Mathematics. Next to her performance sculpture and live performance at the Petit Palais, our booth presentation will include work from her ongoing project "The Value in Mathematics"


Thursday, October 19th, 3pm
Duration: 40 min
Location: Petit Palais
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Falke Pisano with her new performance “Wonder-What-Time-It-Is?”, takes as a starting point a short story by Edgar Allan Poe to address the limits that modernity, as a frame of thinking, has set for the possibilities of conceiving of change outside its normative framework. WONDER-WHAT-TIME-IT-IS deals with language, thinking and perception and problematizes the idea that language as an expression of thought can disassociate itself from culture and history. In a narrative performance Falke Pisano takes to questioning those ideas that have become powerful because they have been naturalized, and as such (as “nature”) have come to be seen as the basis on which humans can establish culture and society.

The performance sculpture of Wonder-What-Time-It-Is? by Falke Pisano will be on show during the whole fair as it is part of the "On Site" Presentation at the Petit Palais.


The chair remains empty / But the place is set
Friday, October 20th - 7.30pm
Duration: 40 Min
Location: Palais de la découverte (avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
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Jeremiah Day makes performances based on the tradition of Simone Forti’s dance theory, getting political deliberations in the open, through personal reflections on issues considered beyond the unspeakable. The work executed during Fiac, is a further development of Jeremiah Day’s personal and idiosyncratic performance practice, bringing together the forms of the slide-show, the act of speaking in public, and the focus on the body as working material that emerged from post-modern dance. Emerging from research into the work of Hannah Arendt and in particular her widely ignored affirmative argument for council democracy, as elaborated by the writer and activist Fred Dewey. The performance is made with a slide show depicting key sites of Istanbul and New England.


Explosion Ma Baby - 2016
Teetotum - 2017
Wednesday, October 19th, 1pm
Thursday, October 19th, 3pm*
Location: Avenue Winston Churchill

Pauline Curnier Jardin was born in 1980, Marseille, France. She lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin. She is interested in animism and pagan rituals which she explores through films, installations and performances. Describing herself as a “frustrated ethnologist”, she mines the narrative and symbolic seams of stories and myths which she invents or appropriates. She is only willing to offer a few clues about Explosion Ma Baby. The film, shot during a very hot summer, is about a strange ritual featuring loud colourful explosions, men carrying naked baby boys, money and a statue of St Sebastian.

19 - 22 October
opening 18 October
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris
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