LISTE Basel | Marianne Vierø

<p>Marianne Vierø, <em>Partition</em>, 2017, Five exposures on light sensitive paper, oak frame with inlay of nut and nglomaze, 130 x 98 cm</p>

Marianne Vierø, Partition, 2017, Five exposures on light sensitive paper, oak frame with inlay of nut and nglomaze, 130 x 98 cm

13-18 JUNE 2017

BOOTH 0/6/1

Drawing from word games’ ability to reveal properties of language Marianne Vierø creates nonsensical rebuses in the form of installation, sculpture and print. Like with traditional rebuses the various elements of her work subtract or add to the value of one another leaving the original meaning nullified while another emerges from the sum of all. A key element is a group of prints presented either in custom made wood frames with inlaid details on the side of the frame profile or free floating as part of large-scale assemblages. Made in an analogue color darkroom, and build up from multiple exposures on light sensitive paper, the prints combine projected Photoshop files of digitized brush strokes with traditional photogram techniques where objects are placed directly on the image surface. Whereas the color blending resulting from the multiple exposures closely mimic ink based printing techniques such as silkscreen printing, the workflow of the analogue darkroom alongside the digital brushstrokes negotiate the potential of subjective gestures against stylized forms and predetermined detail. In this synthesis of values Vierø shifts the balance between material, method and form to construct a visual vocabulary rich with precarious alliances that transcends traditional boundaries of categorization.

Marianne Vierø (1979, Copenhagen, DK) works between Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Berlin. Vierø holds a BFA from the Rietveld Academie and is a recurrent guest and a determined devotee of the Oceans Academy Of Art. She has been a resident artist at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam; Triangle Arts Association in NYC; and Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin.

Recent solo exhibitions include “Dunk” at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam (2017); “Coat Concave” at die Raum, Berlin (2017); and “Glyph” at 427, Riga (2015). She has participated in group shows at Future Gallery, Berlin; De Vleeshal, Middelburg; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; and 1857, Oslo among others.

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